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Learning Through Horses

Lisa Warren, founder, director and workshop facilitator utilises equine assisted learning to promote human development and growth.


Benefits of Equine Assisted Learning:


  • Increased communication skills

  • Emotional, physical, mental and spiritual wellness

  • Increased self esteem

  • Positive, informed choice making skills (decreasing engaging in high risk activity)

  • Goal setting skills

  • Integration in to the community

  • Positive leadership

  • Empathy

  • Kindness

  • Personal responsibility and accountability


Typically, clients participate in an activity on the ground with horses and then examine the patterns that emerge from the responses of the horses in the interaction, giving the client kinesthetic (hands on/doing) learning. How individuals first approach, then later process the experience of the activity, carries back to their day to day awareness and behaviours in certain situations, ultimately leading to intrinsically modified behaviour and heightened self-awareness. This process of learning to adjust feelings, thoughts and behaviours can lead to positive and lasting benefits for their interactions with others.




328 River Road, Maroochy River, Sunshine Coast QLD Australia

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