Meet the Herd


21 year old Appaloosa Chesnut with White Blanket


Bailey is our herd leader here at RREAL. He is wise, smart and likes to keep the herd in line - however he is still known for his cheeky behaviour and sneaky gate-opening abilities! He is an extremely clever horse who will do almost anything for a treat - especially licorice.


4 year old Bay Quarter Horse


Living up to his name, Adonis is one of our most handsome members of the RREAL herd and surely knows it. At only 4 years old he is still very young and playful, often found hanging around the paddocks with his best friend Morph. Adonis loves nothing more than to get your attention and affection. 


12 year old Chesnut Quarter Horse

Though he holds the title of our tallest RREAL herd member at 18 hands high, River is a gentle and sweet boy who enjoys being brushed and doted on. Due to his large size, he is not often used in our sessions but is always happy to say hello.


4 year old Red Dun Miniature 

This little pocket rocket is our smallest RREAL herd member - but nobody tell him that! Morph believes he is the biggest of the bunch and has the confidence to prove it. When not using his special tricks to get treats, he can often be found instigating a full heard gallop through the paddocks.


10 year old Palouse Chesnut with White Blanket 

Aria is a valuable member of the RREAL herd and has a caring and inquisitive nature. Aria can be shy at first, however once her trust is gained she loves to show off how clever she is! Though she enjoys grazing around, when she's on the job she loves to have a play.


22 year old Chesnut Welsh Pony

Fancy is an incredibly kind pony with a lovely nature. Though very timid, once her energy is up she loves to run around and play! She has a great gift of patience and loves working with children. She enjoys being groomed and always comes up to say hello. 


29 year old Silver Dapple Miniature

Katie holds the title of the oldest RREAL herd member and while also one of the smallest, she is the bossiest! She has enjoyed being part of many sessions over the years, working with both young kids and adults. Katie has recently retired and spends her days hanging out in the shade and receiving well deserved pats and carrots.