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Who Are We

RREAL Horses, RREAL People, RREAL Life

River Road Equine Assisted Learning Inc. provides life-changing equine assisted learning programs to disadvantaged, disengaged or developmentally delayed young people on the Sunshine Coast.

We are also the proud home of the Horses Helping Humans program, developed and founded by Sue Spence.

Horses are naturally social animals with personalities, attitudes, fears, and moods, and they are very sensitive to the energy around them. They will respond appropriately to human interaction, allowing learners to experience a sense of connection and participation without the negative feelings sometimes associated with traditional counselling. Horses and teenagers are seeking the same feelings of trust and connection, and once a child realises this similarity, he or she is able to form a connection that is uplifting and inspiring. Horses are able to teach people about themselves and their interaction with others around them.

For information about our workshops and sessions, please see the 'Horses Helping Humans' Tab.

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